Functional Benefit of Double Eyelid Surgery: Weight Reduction

In double eyelid surgery, there are two methods to create a double eyelid fold. One is non-incision and the other in the incision technique. One of the benefits of the incision technique double eyelid surgery is that excess skin and muscle can be removed. The benefit of this soft tissue excision is the weight reduction that occurs after the double eyelid surgery.

Eyes are very sensitive to any increase or decrease in weight. To understand this effect, just think about people who develop a minor eyelid skin infection. A simple swelling from this infection can hinder a person from opening eyes fully.

Because eye-opening is a combination of the eye elevating force vs the downward force of weight, any weight reduction will help to open the eyes after double eyelid surgery.

It is important to note that removal of the medial (toward the nose) or inner side of the skin and muscle removal that is important in weight reduction. The medial region weight plays a significant effect in eyelid downward force compared to the lateral (toward the ear) or outer area. This is because the medial soft tissue puts direct weight to the eyelid while the lateral soft tissue hangs over the eyelid and therefore does not directly put weight to the eyelid.

Therefore, the design of the double eyelid surgery and skin muscle excision design should be designed specifically to include this medial area to be removed.

During an incision double eyelid surgery, excess upper eyelid fat (orbital septal fat) can also be removed. And this removal of the excess fat also contributes to weight reduction. For all these reasons, excision of soft tissue during an incision double eyelid surgery significantly helps with making the eyes open well.

This will make the person’s eyes appear brighter and will make the person feel as if the eyes are lighter.