Pre-existing small double eyelid fold in Asian eyelid surgery

Patients with pre-existing small or low double eyelid fold often wonder what the surgeon will do with the low double eyelid fold or crease. Unlike a high double eyelid fold or crease in Asian eyelid, a small or low double eyelid fold can easily be converted to a higher double eyelid fold or crease.

The higher double eyelid fold can be created by first determining the ideal double eyelid fold in Asian eyelid. Once this ideal or higher double eyelid fold line is determined, then the plastic surgeon should determine the amount of upper eyelid skin to be removed. By surgically creating a higher double eyelid fold, the force on this higher double eyelid fold will be the one that will show when the patient opens and closes his or her eyes. There is no need to dissect and release the lower double eyelid fold. As a matter of fact, operating to the lower double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease will only create a scar. The issue of having a scar in Asian eyelid is that it adds additional weight to the eyelid. The problem with additional weight is that it will make the eyelid heavier. Therefore, the eyelid will not feel light but rather, it will feel heavy.

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in Asian eyelid surgery. Dr. Kim is based in Los Angeles, California and has performed thousands of double eyelid surgery and Asian eyelid surgery. Dr. Kenneth Kim will evaluate the patient’s low or small double eyelid fold or crease and determine the ideal double eyelid fold that will make one’s eyes appear larger. In Asian eyelid surgery, the surgeon must determine the optimal double eyelid fold size or height that will make the person look the best.