Ways to improve recovery and swelling after double eyelid surgery

One of the important ways to improve swelling and the overall recovery process after Asian eyelid surgery is to minimize tissue burning. Tissue burning can happen during double eyelid surgery because of bleeding. Bleeding occurs during double eyelid surgery because the plastic surgeon has to initially cut the skin with a scalpel or knife. Often, patients think that surgeons use a laser to operate. However, when the initial incision is made on Asian eyelid, using the laser will burn the skin. Therefore, in double eyelid surgery, a scalpel is used. Therefore, bleeding is unavoidable at the most superficial aspect of the Asian eyelid layer.

However, what is important in double eyelid surgery in creating the double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease or any other Asian eyelid surgery is what to do once bleeding occurs. Plastic surgeons know that bleeding causes swelling and inflammation in the Asian eyelid during the double eyelid surgery. Therefore, the surgeon will use the coagulator to heat and seal the vessels. In the process of heating the vessel, scar tissue will form. The problem of scar tissue is two fold. One is the creation of lumps and bumps along the incision from the area of the scar and the area without the scar in the Asian eyelid. The other issue is the creation of additional weight in double eyelid fold. The added weight of the scar will make the patient’s eyelids feel heavy and therefore less refreshed after the double eyelid surgery.

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a Korean American plastic surgeon who is trained in both American and South Korea. Dr. Kenneth Kim is board-certified and practices in Los Angeles, California. One of his specialities is in Asian eyelid surgery and the creation of minimal scar double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease. Dr. Kim does not burn the bleeder near the skin edge and has is a unique method to stop the superficial bleeder without burning the tissue. Therefore, Dr. Kenneth Kim’s double eyelid fold and Asian eyelid incisions heal with minimal scar. Dr. Kim will show you high-resolution videos of the healing process and the double eyelid fold and double eyelid crease incision during the consultation.