Why Patients Seek Double Eyelid Surgery Revision

Did you have double eyelid surgery and you do not like the way it looks?

Dr. Kenneth Kim at Dream Medical Group in Los Angeles provides revision double eyelid surgery for patients who desire a change in the outcome of their double eyelid surgery.

Dr. Kim has performed thousands of revision double eyelid surgeries throughout his career to alter the shape and height of the double eyelid fold. The patient will have the opportunity during their consultation to discuss how he or she would like their new double eyelid fold to look.

The procedure typically takes about one totwohours to complete. And the procedure is done under local anesthesia while the patient is awake.

If you would like to inquire more about revising your double eyelid or Asian eyelid surgery result, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Kim for a detailed consultation at his Dream Medical Group office. Dr. Kim will explain why your double eyelid fold currently looks the way it does and how it can change after the surgery.

What are the Common Causes of Double Eyelid Surgery Revision?

There are many causes of a poor double eyelid surgery result, necessitating double eyelid surgery revision. The top five reasons for patients to seek Asian eyelid surgery revision or double eyelid surgery revisions are

1. Fold loosening
2. Uneven eyes
3. Eyelid ptosis
4. Hooding skin
5. Visible scars

Fold loosening is one of the most common causes of revision double eyelid surgery. Double eyelid fold loosening is especially common if the patient had non-cutting or non-incision double eyelid surgery. It is also known as the suture method or the stitch method double eyelid surgery. Double eyelid fold loosening can also occur after an incision or open or cutting technique double eyelid surgery. When the double eyelid fold loosens, the skin between the fold and eyelash will appear puffy. In addition, the eyes will appear smaller because the skin will hood. In order to correct the loosened double eyelid fold, another suture method can be performed. However, in order to have a more definitive correction, it is advisable to have an incision technique double eyelid surgery to have a more secure and permanent double eyelid fold.

Uneven eyelids are another common reason why patients choose to undergo double eyelid revision surgery. There are many reasons for eyelid unevenness.

One of the reasons is double eyelid fold loosening as was mentioned above. The other common reason for uneven eyelid is that when the double eyelid fold was made, the surgeon made the fold asymmetrically. This can happen if the double eyelid fold design is made unevenly or it the cut was made unevenly. During the original surgery, the double eyelid fold could also have been fixed to the deeper layer asymmetrically. For example, the Asian eyelid skin could have been attached to the upper part of the levator aponeurosis or the tarsus on one side or to the levator aponeurosis or the tarsus on the lower side of the opposite side of the eye.

Another important factor for causing eyelid unevenness or asymmetry is eyelid ptosis. Eyelid ptosis is when the eyelid elevating muscle known as the levator muscle or levator aponeurosis is weak. When this occurs, the eye with the ptosis will appear smaller. However, the double eyelid itself will appear larger or bigger because the eyelid does not lift up as well. This eyelid ptosis condition can be unilateral or bilateral in nature.

Another reason is asymmetric eyelid hooding. One side of the upper eyelid can hood more than the other side.

This will make the hooding side of the double eyelid fold appear smaller than the other side. Hooding of the eyelid skin can be due to upper eyelid skin sagging itself or it can be due to brow or forehead hooding.

Lastly, a double eyelid scar is another common reason why patients choose to undergo double eyelid surgery revision. When there is a scar on the double eyelid fold, the scar is very visible even with makeup. This is especially noticeable when the patient opens and closes his or her eyes. The double eyelid fold does not move because the scar is stuck down to the deep layer of the eyelid tissue. In addition, the double eyelid scar is wide. Ideally, the double eyelid scar should be a line of less than 1mm. If the double eyelid scar is prominent, the patient may become self-conscious and it becomes a strong motivator to have a revision double eyelid surgery or revision Asian eyelid surgery.

If you are considering double eyelid surgery revision, Dr. Kenneth Kim, MD, FACS will go over the reasons why patients desire revision double eyelid surgery.

In addition, Dr. Kim will explain why the undesired result occurred during the initial double eyelid surgery. You can achieve your ideal double eyelid surgery result and feel confident about your new and revised Asian eyelid!

Issues Corrected

Double eyelid surgery revision is a great way to correct the undesired Asian eyelid fold or crease. All revision surgery will be specifically designed to improve not only the appearance of your double eyelid but also the function of the eyelid. This will make the eyes appear brighter and also make the overall face appear more balanced and harmonious.

Dr. Kenneth Kim corrects the double eyelid that requires revision surgery by using his aesthetic sense and improving the function of the eyelid. By using his aesthetic sense and improving the eyelid function, Dr. Kim can:

● Improve the double eyelid scar
● Lower a high fold
● Correct the hooding of the eyelid
● Correct asymmetric Asian eyelid fold
● Improve eyelid ptosis
● Make eyes larger
● Brighten your eyes and bring attention to your eyes
● Bring balance and harmony to the face

If you have received double eyelid surgery or Asian eyelid surgery from another surgeon and are dissatisfied with the result, Dr. Kim can improve your eyelid result with double eyelid surgery revision.

If you previously received rhinoplasty surgery from another doctor and are unhappy with the results, Dr. Kim can correct the outcome with non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Am I a Candidate for Revision Double Eyelid Surgery?

The ideal candidates for revision double eyelid surgery are women and men who are dissatisfied with their results. Revision double eyelid surgery is a great way to improve unwanted results such as visible eyelid scar and uneven eyelid fold shape and size. If you have been unhappy with the result of your Asian eyelid surgery, then revision double eyelid surgery is an excellent way to get the result that you have been dreaming about. Many patients may be concerned with a potentially unwanted result from a revision double eyelid surgery.

However, Dr. Kim will explain exactly why the undesired result occurred initially and how he will fix the double eyelid fold.

For patients who are concerned about undesired scar and do not want another eyelid scar, Dr. Kim will remove the prior scar during revision double eyelid surgery, . Therefore, the patient will not have an additional scar. Rather, the amount of the eyelid scar will be significantly less compared to the initial double eyelid or Asian eyelid surgery result.

In patients who have hooding of the eyelid skin, revision double eyelid surgery may be an excellent option to remove the excess eyelid skin. However, if the eyelid hooding is from the actual brow or forehead hooding, then a brow lift or a forehead lift will be a better option for the patient. Dr. Kim will discuss the cause of the eyelid skin hooding and offer the best solution for the patient.

Although most revision surgery recovery is longer than the primary surgery, revision double eyelid surgery results will be faster or equal to the initial surgery.

This is because Dr. Kim utilizes minimal bleeding and minimal trauma technique to perform his surgery. Therefore, the patient should expect the recovery to be much faster or equal to the initial surgery. The speed initial surgery recovery depends on whether a non-incision or suture technique double eyelid surgery was received. This method has the fastest recovery out of all double eyelid surgery techniques.

The cost of the revision double eyelid surgery is typically more expensive than the initial double eyelid surgery. The reason for the higher surgical cost is because the prior scar and prior surgery have to be undone and then a new double eyelid surgery would have to be done.

If you would like to find out more about revision double eyelid surgery or revision Asian eyelid surgery, please contact Dr. Kim at Dream Medical Group in Los Angeles, California.


All patients will receive a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Kenneth Kim. Dr. Kim will examine the patient’s Asian eyelid. Specifically, Dr. Kim will measure the double eyelid fold height, the amount of double eyelid fold scar, and whether the patient has eyelid ptosis. Dr. Kim will also look carefully to check for any eyelid asymmetry.

Dr. Kim and the patient will be able to look at the Asian eyelid together to see what needs to be corrected with revision double eyelid surgery.

Dr. Kim will also show you before and after photos of patients who had a similar condition of a double eyelid or Asian eyelid. Dr. Kim will also show specifically what was done for the patient and how the correction of the Asian eyelid surgery was made. He will make sure that the patient clearly understands the issue and the cause of needing revision double eyelid surgery. After the consultation, the patient will feel confident of the outcome of the result based on many before and after photos of similar Asian eyelid surgery cases presented by Dr. Kenneth Kim. Therefore, the patient will feel confident that he or she is making a well-informed decision.

Although Dr. Kim practices in Los Angeles, he has also trained in South Korea with leading South Korean plastic surgeons.

Therefore, Dr. Kim brings the latest and the best techniques from Korea to Los Angeles to correct patients needing revision double eyelid surgery. For patients worried or concerned about his or her double eyelid surgery result, Dr. Kim is the solution for you want for a better result for your Asian double eyelid.