Double eyelid fold depth

When people think about double eyelid, they think about shape and size. The shape will entail whether it would be an infold double eyelid, outfold double eyelid, or in-out double eyelid. The size of the double eyelid would be how high the double eyelid fold would be.

Yet what people don’t talk about during consultation is the depth of the double eyelid fold. The depth of the double eyelid fold means how shallow or how deep the fold invaginates. If the double eyelid fold is shallow, then the double eyelid fold will look more like a crease. The advantage of a shallow double eyelid fold formation is that the recovery is relatively fast compared to the deep double eyelid fold. The disadvantage is that the double eyelid fold can loosen. An example is a suture technique double eyelid surgery, also known as non-incision double eyelid surgery. This shallow double eyelid fold can also occur with an incision double eyelid surgery or open double eyelid surgery.

A deep double eyelid fold creates an overly firm fixation. The advantage of this type of double eyelid creation is that the chance of fold loosening is low. However, the disadvantage is that the recovery or the swelling is prolonged. In addition, the double eyelid fold will look unnatural or appear operated.

In the following blog, we will discuss in more detail how shallow double eyelid fold and deep double eyelid fold occurs. We will also discuss how to create an ideal double eyelid fold.