Good or ideal condition for double eyelid surgery

This is a part two of the ideal or good condition for double eyelid surgery. In the prior section, we discussed that thin eyelid and normal protruding eyes will lead to good double eyelid surgery result. The other two factors that will lead to a favorable result in double eyelid surgery are wide horizontal length and good eyelid muscle function.

Wider horizontal length means that one’s overall eyes are wider in relations to their overall face. After the surgery, wider eyes look prettier because bigger eyes, in general, look better than smaller eyes. Wider eyes also tend to have better eyelid muscle function as well. This is because bigger eyes have larger eyelid muscles and larger muscles have better power than smaller muscles. And this leads to our next very important aspect that will lead to good double eyelid surgery result.

The other factor is good to excellent eyelid muscle function. People with good eyelid muscle function can lift eyelids well without compensating with their foreheads. When the eyelid muscle function is good to excellent, one can have a suture technique double eyelid surgery or an incision double eyelid surgery. They would not need an eyelid ptosis surgery in addition to the double eyelid surgery. Therefore, the surgery will be relatively simple and the result will look natural.