How long should the suture technique double eyelid surgery last?

One of the most common question for the suture, non-incision double eyelid surgery is how long it would last. There are no definitive, valid study on this topic. No matter what technique is used for the suture technique, the principle of this non-incision technique is the same. It is connecting the skin of the eyelid to the muscle (levator aponeurosis) that elevates the eyelid. Typically, the sutures are looped twice back and forth, interlocking them. And the skin to the levator muscle connection is anywhere from three to six. But the fold loss ocurrence is still likely over time and plastic surgeons who specialize in double eyelid surgery agree that we cannot determine when the fold loss will occur. But what does determine whether one will loss the fold more quickly is an eyelid with weak eyelid muscle function (eyelid ptosis), thick eyelid skin, and excess eyelid skin. The principle reason why the fold loss occurs in suture technique is that there is no direct connection between the skin and the levator muscle. A connection that is secure is when there is no opposing tissue between the two tissues. However in the suture technique, the suture is doing the connection rather than tissue to tissue adhesion.

So in conclusion, when a patient decides to receive double eyelid surgery via a suture, non- incision technique, one should anticipate that a fold loss will occur over time. And that when this fold loss will occur cannot be predicted.