Suture technique / Non-incision double eyelid surgery in patients with ptosis

There are patients who have thin eyelid skin without any excess eyelid skin that desires double eyelid surgery. These patients are candidates for suture technique / non-incision double eyelid surgery. However, their eyelid muscle function is weak. Therefore, when they try to use tape or glue to form a double eyelid at home, it often does not form. And if the double eyelid fold does form, the double eyelid fold does not stay for a long time. These patients have eyelid ptosis (weak eyelid muscle function). Therefore, even though they may appear to be a good candidate for a suture technique / non-incision double eyelid surgery, they are actually not. They need eyelid ptosis surgery as well as the double eyelid surgery.

Ptosis surgery can be performed with an incision or open double eyelid surgery, but it can also be performed without making an incision. So in the type of patients described above (thin eyelid skin without excess skin but with eyelid ptosis), they can receive a 3D suture technique (3DST) double eyelid surgery. 3DST does not involve making an incision and functions just like a suture technique. But in addition, it corrects the eyelid ptosis at the same time without making an external incision. 3DST is the latest technique in double eyelid surgery that offers a solution to patients who desires fast recovery without having any incisions. It is called 3DST because while the suture technique (non-incision) double eyelid surgery makes a double eyelid fold (2 dimensions), the 3DST increases the vertical height of the eyes (making the eyes bigger), thus 3 dimensions.