Uneven eyes

t is important to understand the underlying causes of uneven eyelid size.

  1. When the opening widths of the eyes are different when eyes are opened.

The surgeon will perform ptosis correction to the smaller eyes. But if the patient refuses the ptosis surgery, you can make a bigger eyelid fold line to the bigger eye.

  1. Difference in the eyelid elasticity of right and left eyes.

Keep the double eyelid width the same; however, excise the excess skin more on the droopier eyelid to maintain balance.

  1. Different position of the eyebrows.

It is always best to first address the eyebrows by performing sub-brow lift. But if the patient does not want the surgery, the surgery procedure is same as above.

  1. Different eye size due to different infold/outfold double lid.

It is very obvious if the size of the double eyelid is uneven. It is important, then, to distinguish if the eye size is different due to uneven double eyelid fold or if it is due to ptosis.