Double eyelid revision surgery when line is too deep

Double eyelid surgery revision (line is too deep or high)

It is important to choose the right surgeon for any revision surgeries. There are many revision cases but at this time we will discuss revision surgery for high double eyelid line.

Deep eyelid fold looks very unnatural. High double lid fold leaves an undesirable impression. In many cases, patient complains of tightness around eye region. Size of the eye may get bigger from previous surgeries, but sometimes it actually can make the eye appear smaller. This is because the fold was fixated on levator aponeurosis, which limits the movement of the levator muscle causing lazy eye syndrome. In severe cases, mucus membrane is exposed, and mucocutaneous junction gets keratinized. Here, meibomian can get clogged, which ultimately can cause xerophthalmia.

To remedy deep eyelid fold, suture should be fixated a little lower. If this alone does not correct the high double lid fold, it is because the double eyelid line has been adhered to the bottom flap. So then bottom flap should be peeled off, and at this time it is important to avoid multiple double fold lines.

Revision surgeries are always a little more complicated. However, by the right surgeon, outcome should be very natural with secure and clean double eyelid folds.