Dynamic fold vs. Static fold

Dynamic fold versus static fold

Patients are usually satisfied with their double eyelid surgery if the size, depth, and the curvature of the eyelid are met with patient’s standard. However, with the right surgeon, you can be even more satisfied with high quality double eyelid surgery. This outcome of the surgery is very natural because dynamic double eyelid technique is preferred over static double eyelid technique.

What is the difference in dynamic and static double fold lid? Dynamic eyelid is much more natural because one cannot tell the difference if you had the surgery when you close your eyes. This is because when you blink, the double eyelid folds in a delayed manner instead of abrupt or static folding. Main difference between static and dynamic is that static double eyelid surgery is noticeable when you close your eyes. The key to achieving the dynamic double eyelid look has to do with how you fixate the eyelid. It is better to fixate on orbicularis muscle rather than dermis. Orbicularis muscle is thicker and deeper than dermis. Thus, fixating on the muscle is more advantageous to prevent loosening or detached suture. As you can see, it’s all about surgeon’s technique, rather than the surgery itself, to obtain a very satisfactory surgery outcome.