Why Do Some Asians Want High Double Eyelid folds?

If there are issues with high double eyelid folds, then why do some Asian patients want high double eyelids folds?

To answer that, we have to see what kind of patients want high double eyelid folds. Among Asians, more Chinese and South East Asians prefer high double eyelids. However, Koreans and Japanese patients tend to prefer a smaller double eyelid folds. These smaller double eyelid folds are also known as an infold Asian eyelid.

Why is there a difference in terms of preference when it comes to nationality?

Chinese and South East Asians have people with a natural high double eyelid folds in their society. In these patients, their high double eyelid appears natural and beautiful. Therefore, it is understandable that they would also prefer a high double eyelid fold.

Another reason for patients wanting a high double eyelid is that Caucasians have a naturally appearing high double eyelid folds.

We are living in a global society where the influence of the West and the Western concept of beauty is present.

Lastly, when patients try a high double eyelid fold with a tape or a glue, they look great and would prefer that kind of Asian eyelid surgery. However, what the patients who try the glue or tape don’t realize is that tape or glue only connect the superficial skin to skin. Thus, it is different from a surgery where the double eyelid fold is created by connecting the skin to the eyelid elevating muscle.

During a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Kim, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, California, will ask what kind of double eyelid the patient would prefer and why. He will look at your facial shape and anatomy to see whether a high double eyelid would look natural and appropriate for your face.