High Double Eyelid Fold in Asian Eyelid Surgery

There are patients who desire high double eyelid fold. This is an outfold double eyelid surgery in Asian eyelid surgery.

A high double eyelid fold means that the distance from the eyelashes to the actual double eyelid fold is at least 10mm. Often, the high double eyelid fold is about 14mm or 16mm.

When the double eyelid fold gets this high, the fold is at the medium thickness part of the eyelid skin.

Asian eyelid skins have thin skin, medium thickness skin, and thick skin. In a high double eyelid fold, the Asian eyelid or double eyelid fold is created at this medium thickness skin. This medium thickness skin is obviously thicker than the thin skin. Therefore, the fold does not want to occur as easily. In addition, when the double eyelid fold is made to eyelid elevating muscle (levator aponeurosis), two types of high double eyelid fold can occur. One is an excessively high double eyelid as this skin gets pulled too high up to the eyelid elevating muscle. The other type of Asian eyelid that can occur is a puffy and loose high double eyelid fold. This is also known as a “sausage” type of double eyelid. This type of puffy double eyelid fold occurs because the skin of the high double eyelid fold is too loose. Dr. Kim’s advanced surgical techniques avoid these developments and guarantee the outcomes and safe, beautiful, and appropriate for the patient’s face.

A high double eyelid fold should occur in certain selective patients.

The anatomy of the Asian eyelid must be in the right condition or setting to have naturally appearing high double eyelid fold or an outfold double eyelid.

Dr. Kenneth Kim, a board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, California will evaluate the patient to see whether they are a good candidate for a high double eyelid fold.

Dr. Kenneth Kim performs a high double eyelid fold and an in fold double eyelid fold to match the patient’s face to create a beautiful and naturally appearing double eyelid fold in Asian eyelids.