Why Do Non-Asians Have a High Double Eyelid Fold?

Non-Asians have a naturally appearing high double eyelid fold. It is also known as an outfold double eyelid. An outfold or a high fold occurs in non-Asians because they do not have an epicanthal fold.

An epicanthal fold has two distinct features that hinder an outfold.

One is an excess skin at the inner corner of the eyes. The other is a dense fibrous band that is connected from the lower inner corner to the upper inner corner of the eyelids. When this band is not present, the double eyelid fold naturally wants to be an outfold or a high double eyelid fold. However, when the epicanthal fold is present, the double eyelid fold naturally wants to go as an infold or a small double eyelid.

Another reason why non-Asians have a naturally appearing high double eyelid fold is that their skin is thinner. The thin skin invaginates easily and the connection from the skin to the eyelid elevating muscle is easily made without much interference.

However, the anatomy of the eyelid skin is fundamentally different from non-Asians.

Therefore, trying to simply mimic a non-Asian eyelid will lead to an unnatural double eyelid.

By living in America, we see many races. By seeing different races, we can determine why some races have certain types of double eyelid folds.

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