Asian Eyelid Surgery Facts: Statistics of Youth vs Adults Going Under the Knife and Benefits

Asian eyelid surgery remains a consistently popular procedure among patients both in Asia and on other continents. When we look at the results and benefits that it can deliver for patients among a wide range of ages, we can see evidence for why it remains so prevalent. The procedure continues to develop as well, with newer, more efficient techniques being developed by experts in the field. In order to understand why this procedure appeals to so many potential patients, we looked through a fair amount of research to understand some of the statistics of its benefits for youth vs. adults.

It is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon to discuss goals and concerns and to determine whether blepharoplasty is appropriate for you. The surgeon will take into account your overall health, your goals for the procedure, and any potential risks or complications in order to help you make an informed decision about whether to undergo the procedure.

Statistics on Patient Demographics – Worldwide and mostly among Asian patients

Asian eyelid surgery is most often performed on patients in their 30s, because by this age the eyelids can begin looking lax and heavy with signs of aging. However, there is a significant cohort of younger patients who want to seek a particular eye shape and address functional problems.

Based on data from 18 years of the career of surgeon Dr. Kruavit that spanned over six thousand patients, a sample demographic of Asian eyelid patients falls mainly in patients aged between 18-39. However, this is in contrast to the USA, where patients typically benefit most from the procedure if they are 25 and up. Dr. Kenneth Kim has found that patients 25 and over achieve the best results and enjoy the outcomes, with patients 30 and over seeing the best outcomes of that age demographic.

Still, we can see the core role that patients in a younger age range (around 30 years of age) play in a surgeon’s demographic. The majority of patients for Asian eyelid surgery are 40 years old or younger. However, these statistics are representative only of the cited surgeon’s experience and may not reflect the wider audience of patients, especially in the USA.

Disclaimer: It is generally recommended that individuals considering blepharoplasty be at least 18 years old, as the facial features and proportions of individuals in this age group are typically fully developed. However, blepharoplasty can be performed on adults of any age, and the procedure can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual.


Younger Patients Drive Advancements

While the adult population may be responsible for bringing this procedure’s popularity to the forefront, we cannot underestimate the role that younger patients have in pushing the procedure into the future. Most immediately, younger patients create a wider pool of candidates for the procedure, but their tastes and demands for the procedure are an impetus for development. One way younger patients drive the procedure forward is that they want cosmetic surgeries to result in little to no visible scarring and spend as little amount of time in recovery as possible (Sasaki 2006). Thus we have seen a proliferation of shorter incision methods that meet these goals, both reducing downtime and scarring in patients after their procedure (Kruavit 2009).

Key Benefits for Younger Patients

While every benefit of Asian eyelid surgery can be enjoyed by a patient, regardless of their age, some aspects can be more appealing to patients of a younger demographic.

More Dynamic Facial Expressions
Facial appearance and our expressions are one of the first things that open the door for interactions with other people. During youth, being able to feel that you are fully expressing yourself and being accurately perceived by others is crucial for forming lasting and meaningful social dynamics.

Broader Options for Makeup
It is never too later to experiment with and change up your makeup routine. But younger patients will be able to expressly enjoy the new options opened up through this procedure in terms of makeup, allowing them to discover their personal preferences and self-expression more easily.

Improved Field of Vision
Field of vision improvements can benefit all ages, but younger patients can see express benefits from it. As younger patients typically are more active, they can reap the most benefits from this aspect of their procedure.

Durable Results
Asian eyelid surgery results can create permanent changes that younger patients will be able to enjoy throughout their adult lives. By establishing their aesthetic early on, they will be able to get the longest benefits out of the procedure’s results. By already achieving their aesthetic goals at a young age, they can build confidence from early one that will prove beneficial into their adult years.

Key Benefits for Adult Patients

As adults, patients can enjoy all the same benefits as mentioned above, but can also see another two potential outcomes.Achieve a Rested yet Alert Appearance
As we mentioned earlier, the procedure is not about creating a “Western” eyelid, but enhancing your eye’s natural features to bring out the best in their natural structures. This procedure can often do this through creating a more dynamic appearance overall, which results in a livelier expression that looks as alert and vigorous as a patient feels inside.Reduce Signs of Aging for a Youthful Facial Aesthetic
Adult patients may be able to incorporate some aspects of traditional upper eyelid surgery into their Asian blepharoplasty. In these cases, you can see a significant reduction in signs of aging around the upper eyelid, providing a more youthful expression overall.

Benefits for Patients of All Ages

Patients, regardless of age, can generally expect to see multiple benefits after their Asian eyelid procedure. Some of the core takeaways that patients of all ages can enjoy are listed below.

Enhanced Eye Shape and Proportions
Asian eyelid surgery takes an approach that considers your entire facial expression on the whole. Your surgeon can then make adjustments that bring out the best and brightest aspects of your natural features while still maintaining your core sense of identity.

Improved Symmetry
Having one eyelid be different from the other is more common than our patients usually expect it to be. Asian blepharoplasty and our other eyelid procedures can also be performed on a single eyelid (or both) to bring out a better sense of balanced symmetry in your features.

The Appearance of Longer Lashes
The minute adjustments of the eyelid in this procedure do not affect lash length. But by changing the positioning of the eyelid, we can make your lashes more visible as they more effectively frame your eye area.

A Confidence Boost
And of course, all these benefits can come together to help patients build more confidence in their appearance. When the way you look matches with your beauty ideals, it can create a sense of comfort and pleasure whenever you look in the mirror.

Am I Too Young or Too Old for Asian Eyelid Surgery?

While there is not an exact cut-off for age on either end of the spectrum, patients may see the greatest benefits at certain periods in their lives. On the younger end, it is typically best to wait until you are about 18 years of age before committing to any cosmetic surgery. This helps ensure that your body is already mostly developed and will not continue to experience changes that could affect how your results look.

On the other end of the age spectrum, patients can typically still enjoy benefits as long as they are in good overall health. However, we may adjust certain aspects of the procedure in order to address any additional cosmetic concerns you might have. But patients anywhere from 18 and up can still see benefits from the procedure. The most important factor in being a candidate is your personal consultation with Dr. Kim, which allows him to learn about your unique needs so he can match you with your ideal procedure plan.

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