What to Expect at Your Asian Eyelid Surgery Consultation

Asian eyelid surgery is a special and unique procedure that should only be performed by surgeons with years of experience in this particular field. Patients who visit Dr. Kenneth Kim, a top-ranked plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, often ask about this kind of surgery and what it entails. If you are like our awesome clients, then you probably also wonder what to expect at your Asian eyelid surgery consultation.

The Importance of a Consultation

Meeting with Dr. Kim marks the first step in a process centered around learning about you as a patient. Eyelid surgery, and especially Asian eyelid surgery, requires an in-depth understanding of a patient’s unique goals, eyelid structure, and medical history. Your surgery will focus on incredibly small and delicate structures. So these pre-surgery steps are vital for ensuring that every change is exactly what you hope for. Remember, even small adjustments in the eyelid structure can have powerful changes, so a consultation helps ensure that those results all align with your aesthetic goals.

Consultations allow you to:

  • Learn about the procedure and what it can do
  • Provide key medical information to your surgeon
  • Discuss aesthetic goals and the outcomes you want
  • Craft the procedure to meet your needs
  • Ask questions and get answers in real time
  • Discover other procedures that may suit you
  • Receive information about post-procedure results and recovery timelines
  • See before-and-after photos to understand what results you can expect

What to Expect at Your Asian Eyelid Surgery Consultation

It’s crucial that your unique needs and desires are understood by a skilled and experienced doctor. Not only should the results of your double eyelid surgery reflect your aesthetic beauty, but they should also reflect your personality and the special parts of you that make you who you are.

But “consultation” can be a vague word, especially for patients who have never been to a cosmetic procedure consultation before. Dr. Kim strives to ensure every patient comes to their consultation prepared, maximizing the benefit of every interaction. So, this article is designed to help with that goal, providing key information for patients before their consultation so they can make the most of their first step in their journey.

Below, we will discuss some of the basics of an Asian eyelid surgery consultation so you can come to your next appointment as prepared as possible.

Your Consultation is Your Time to Talk

Dr. Kim and all of our experienced staff members are dedicated to centering your biggest needs and concerns. The beginning of the consultation is your time to discuss any initial questions or thoughts with the surgeon. We will then start to explain what an Asian eyelid surgery entails, as well as what methods we will use to ensure you receive your desired cosmetic results.

Remember, no question is a bad question during your consultation. The more you understand the procedure, the better your experience can be overall. Likewise, the more details you can provide about your medical history and personal goals, the more Dr. Kim can tailor your procedure to your specific situation and needs.

Finding the Perfect Crease

Everybody’s eyes – and their eyelids, more specifically – are shaped differently. One distinction that often separates a single eyelid surgery from a double eyelid surgery is the fact that some eyelids have a double fold or crease above the eyes. Different surgical methods can create different results for this crease, which you have the power to choose for yourself.

The two popular types of creases in this kind of surgery are tapered and parallel eyelid creases. Tapered creases come all the way out to the corners of your eyes, whereas a parallel crease does not angle downward so dramatically. You can take a look at some before and after photos to get a better idea of the types of visual results produced by each type of crease.

Getting the Treatment You Want

Patients of all types seek out double eyelid surgery for a number of reasons. Some folks are looking to fix misalignments between their two eyes, while others are looking to cure a case of Ptosis. Ptosis is the scientific name for drooping eyelids. This can be not only aesthetically displeasing but can actually cause some discomfort over time.

Some eyelid drooping is so severe that it can even obscure your vision. According to research gathered by Buoy Health, sudden and intense drooping in the eyelids can be a sign of impending vision problems, heart conditions, or even a stroke. Make sure to mention any problems that come from droopy eyelids during your initial consultation with Dr. Kim.

Moving Onward: The Procedure and Recovery Process

Double eyelid surgery is not an incredibly lengthy procedure, although you will be completely sedated with anesthesia throughout the process in some cases. However, Dr. Kim specializes in awake eyelid procedures, which are comfortable and painless but do not use full sedation. We have covered in other blogs the significant benefits patients can expect when choosing an awake version of a procedure rather than one using general anesthesia.

When the surgery is complete, it is normal for you to feel a bit swollen above and below your eyes for a few days. You may be asked to avoid direct sunlight, contact lenses, and rough physical activity for at least one week following the surgery. Taking time off work for about 1-2 weeks is normal and tends to be what we recommend. But this can vary from case to case. You will be able to schedule a follow-up procedure with Dr. Kim soon after the recovery process has begun. This allows him to track your progress and ensure that your results have turned out the way you hoped.

Schedule Your First Asian Eyelid Surgery Consultation with Dr. Kim

Are you looking for a beautiful and natural crease in your upper eyelid where you do not yet have one? This might be the perfect surgery for you. Asian eyelid surgery is also a great choice for candidates who are looking to fix drooping eyelids or create a more symmetrical appearance overall. Learn more about effective and aesthetically pleasing Asian eyelid surgery in Los Angeles by contacting our friendly team of professionals today.


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