Correction of uneven eyes and eyelids

The method of correcting uneven eyes or eyelids depends on the cause of them. As we mentioned in the prior blog, there are three causes. If the cause is due to uneven double eyelid fold itself, then evening out the double eyelid fold height, shape, or strength will even out the eyelids. This correction can be accomplished by a suture (non-incision) double eyelid method or an open (incision) double eyelid method. A suture or open method can be used if the preferred double eyelid fold is patient’s own natural double eyelid or the patient initially had a suture technique double eyelid surgery. In these cases, the suture technique double eyelid surgery will be performed at the desired double eyelid fold height. The advantage of this method is a fast recovery.

However, if the patient had an open (incision) double eyelid surgery, then, open (incision) double eyelid surgery should be performed. And this surgery should be performed on both eyelids. The reason is that the double eyelid fold strength or the depth of invagination should be the same. Over time, the double eyelid fold strength subtly changes. Therefore, it is advisable to redo the double eyelid fold on both eyes to keep the strength of the double eyelid folds the same.

In the next blog, we will discuss the other methods to correct uneven eyes or eyelids.