Lateral canthoplasty: opening outer eyes

Lateral canthoplasty is opening the outer corner of the eyes. It is a very effective surgery in that it lengthens both horizontally and vertically the outer aspect of the eyes. Lateral canthoplasty that Dr. Kenneth Kim performs is different from typical lateral canthoplasty performed to strengthen the lower eyelids after lower blepharoplasty. Typical lateral canthoplasty alters the outer corner of the eyes where it looks unnatural and pinched.

Dr. Kenneth Kim’s lateral canthoplasty opens the patient’s outer corner without altering the angle and without giving it a pinched appearance. Another important factor in lateral canthoplasty is not returning to prior eye size, which often happens in typical lateral canthoplasty performed to open the lateral corner. The way to prevent it from returning to its’ original size is by resuturing the edges so that the cut edges do not re-adhere. By resuturing the outer eyes from the deeper layer to the superficial layers, the edges heal in the sutured site. Therefore, the outer corner of the eyes maintains its open and natural appearance. It gives the eyes more glamorous and beautiful appearance.

As one can see, this is a very precise surgery, and therefore it must be done with meticulous dissection and suturing under magnified vision.