What is Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Asian eyelid includes both upper eyelid and lower eyelid. Upper eyelid surgery or upper blepharoplasty include double-fold eyelid surgery and conversion of monolid to double eyelid. It also includes eyelid ptosis surgery as Asians often desire larger eyes. For the lower eyelid, it involves removal of lower eyelid fat or fat bags. In addition, excess lower eyelid skin is excised and the muscle is elevated to tighten the lower eyelid.

Another component of Asian eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty Asian eyes involves opening the inner corner of the eyes. This is called the epicanthoplasty. Epicanthoplasty is performed at the same time double lidded eyes are created. The advantage of performing epicanthoplasty during the conversion of monolid to double eyelid is that excess skin near the epicanthal fold can be removed. Another benefit of epicanthoplasty is that the negative downward force is removed. Therefore, the patient’s eyes will feel lighter. Contrary to opening the inner corner of the eys, lateral canthoplasty will open and enlarge the outer part of the eyes. This will make the eyes look more glamorous and wider. It is a unique part of Korean eyelid surgery as only Korean plastic surgeons specialize in this type of surgery.

Surgery with a Specialist

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Dr. Kenneth Kim was trained in both the United States and South Korea. Therefore, Dr. Kim not only performs Asian eyelid surgery but also Korean eyelid surgery. Korean eyelid surgery is unique in that the double lidded eyes do not have a visible scar and the eyes are enlarged during the process of the blepharoplasty Asian eyes. Dr. Kenneth Kim will go over whether the patient will benefit from epicanthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty during the double fold eyelid surgery. In addition, Dr. Kim will examine the eyelid levator muscle function and will determine whether eyelid ptosis or blepharoptosis surgery be needed or not. Lastly, for patients who desire youthful lower eyelid, Dr. Kenneth Kim will explain the latest advances in lower eyelid surgery and how it can benefit the patient.