Functional Benefit of Double Eyelid Surgery: Weight Reduction

In double eyelid surgery, there are two methods to create a double eyelid fold. One is non-incision and the other in the incision technique. One of the benefits of the incision technique double eyelid surgery is that excess skin and muscle can be removed. The benefit of this soft tissue excision is the weight reduction … Read More

Mild Ptosis and Double Eyelid Surgery

Patients often present with mild ptosis at the time of double eyelid surgery. In these patients, if the eyelid ptosis is performed, then the eyes will open brightly. However, the distance between the double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease and the brow will be close together or short. Although the eyes will be bright, … Read More

The amount of skin, muscle, and fat to be removed in double eyelid surgery

Often during double eyelid surgery, some amount of skin, muscle, and eyelid fat should be removed. This is because patients without natural double eyelid have some amount of soft tissue hooding. And this soft issue is comprised of skin, muscle, and some eyelid fat. These tissues add weight to the eyelid. Therefore, by removing some … Read More