The Impact of Double Eyelid Surgery on Self-Esteem and Confidence

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Double eyelid surgery is pursued for several different reasons. Many come to this procedure seeking to achieve their aesthetic ideal, while others feel that the results of the procedure can help them discover quality-of-life benefits in their day-to-day lives. Below, we cover the impact of double eyelid surgery on self-esteem and confidence. The Impact of … Read More

Can Asian Eyelid Surgery Also Correct Ptosis?

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Double eyelid surgery can help to accentuate a patient’s natural eyelid form, adding openness and depth to create stunning, refined, and pleasing aesthetic results. For these qualities, the procedure has become very popular in recent years, especially as doctors refine the surgical techniques to make the results even more sophisticated. However, there is a common … Read More

What to Expect at Your Asian Eyelid Surgery Consultation

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Asian eyelid surgery is a special and unique procedure that should only be performed by surgeons with years of experience in this particular field. Patients who visit Dr. Kenneth Kim, a top-ranked plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, often ask about this kind of surgery and what it entails. If you are like our awesome clients, … Read More