Double Eyelid Surgery FAQ

WHY DO I HAVE SLEEPY OR DROOPY EYES AFTER DOUBLE EYELID SURGERY? In some cases, a patient can develop sleepy or droopy eyes after Asian blepharoplasty or double fold eyelid surgery. The cause of this drooping is a condition called ptosis. Eyelid ptosis means that the patient’s eyelid elevating muscle (known as the levator muscle) was naturally weak. Unfortunately, … Read More

What Is Unique About Male Double Eyelid Surgery?

Do Asian male and Asian females require a different approach when it comes to Asian eyelid surgery or double eyelid surgery? Should the double eyelid fold or double eyelid crease be set at a different height? Should the shape or the design of the double eyelid fold be different? The answer is Yes. There are a few things that are unique about double … Read More

What Causes Double Eyelid Asymmetry and How Do You Correct It?

One of the causes of double eyelid asymmetry is the levator muscle. This is an eyelid muscle that helps to elevate the eyelid. When the levator muscle becomes weak, it can cause your eyes to appear asymmetrical. When the monolid is surgically changed to a double eyelid, the skin on the eyelid is attached to the deeper … Read More

Why Patients Seek Double Eyelid Surgery Revision

Did you have double eyelid surgery and you do not like the way it looks? Dr. Kenneth Kim at Dream Medical Group in Los Angeles provides revision double eyelid surgery for patients who desire a change in the outcome of their double eyelid surgery. Dr. Kim has performed thousands of revision double eyelid surgeries throughout his career to alter the … Read More